A New Alphabet for Humanity


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A New Alphabet for Humanity is a revolutionary way 

to give your child a heart-based education!

A New Alphabet for Humanity features 26 empowering alphabet words to activate the potential of our children and create a bright future for humanity.

It's the most inspiring alphabet on the planet!

A New Alphabet for Humanity teaches children the power of positive words so they can build empathy and compassion, unlock their imagination, and feel empowered to live their dreams. 


So many of the books we read to our children aren’t teaching heart-based values like kindness, empathy, gratitude and compassion -  so many of the qualities we need in the world right now. 

The words contained in this book are a great source of inspiration for anyone, including children and adults!

After sharing this book with a few friends, what started as a simple idea, became a much bigger vision... 

To create a heart-based education and help families and schools around the world. 

In addition to the book, we are creating a beautiful alphabet poster, teachers kit and lesson plan to teach children the power of these words, starting from an early age.

We envision this becoming an entire school curriculum!

As a mother, I started to imagine how different the world would be if children were taught words like gratitude, compassion and diversity from a young age. 

One day, I got inspired to create a list of alphabet words for my 3 year old son. To teach those qualities we all desire - like self love, compassion, and respect for people - and the earth. 

From there, an idea was born... to create A New Alphabet for Humanity!

I believe words have the power to shape us.

The intention behind each alphabet word is to connect children with their hearts, and nurture their mind, body, spirit connection. 

When you invest in our book, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. 
Because with every product you purchase, you help support a child in need.

Let's empower our children for a brighter future. 

I'm excited about nurturing the heart, imagination and potential of children around the world.

I believe children are our greatest opportunity for healing the heart of humanity. 

We'd love for you to be part of this movement for positive change!

We appreciate your support. Please share this book with your family and friends. 

Help us spread the word even further and let’s change the world together. 

Support Our Movement For Positive Change☀️

Please share this book with your family and friends!

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